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The season starts at first of April and finishes at the end of October.

You will have the opportunity to have fun and meet a lot of people from whole world.

As member of the animation team, you will take part in daily activities, sports, games, tournaments and the evening program, musicals, cabaret, beach party, shows... Visit our gallery to see some inspirational photos and videos.

We offer you the following:

  • From us you get possibility of minimum two weeks training completely free of charge, organized before the working contract start.
  • Full board and accommodation the training and work period is covered by the hotel.
  • Monthly salary is variable according to your experience and your position in the team.
  • One complete day off per week, so you can discover the island with your friends, or just lay on the beach.

Who is an animator/entertainer?

An animator or entertainer is a person who creates and organizes animation program in the hotel, club, holiday resort, in cooperation with his/her team and entertain hotel guests with different kinds of sports and social activities. Animator is (almost) always working in a team consisting of a chief animator, children animators, sport/fitness animators, or all-rounders (who take part in all kinds of animation activities including children, sport and evening animation). Every member of the team has specific tasks and duties. Animator team might consist of 2-20 animators depending on a hotel or club.

There are four different types of animators - chief, children's, fitness, and all-rounder.

What are the main functions of the chief animator?

  • The chief animator creates and organizes the whole animation program in the hotel together with his/her team,
  • Is responsible to the hotel management for the animation program,
  • Assigns tasks to other animators, supervises the work of other animators during daily and evening activities,
  • Moderates evening programs and shows in different languages,
  • Previous experience in animation is obligatory

What are the main functions of children's animator?

  • Organizes a program for children in mini-club, on the beach, at the pool, etc,
  • Is responsible for evening animation for children (mini-disco, carnival, children shows) in cooperation with other animators under the supervision of the chief animator,
  • Takes part in evening shows.

What are the main functions of sport/fitness animator:

  • Organizes sport activities and tournaments in different kinds of sports (beach volleyball, football, tennis, table tennis, water ball, boccia, aerobic, aqua gym, tea-bo, etc.) depending on his/her skills and hotel facilities,
  • Takes part in evening shows.


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